Outline October: Prep and Resources for NaNoWriMo

November is coming up and that means a couple of things! Get ready to see a lot of mustaches and beards growing in as No-Shave November continues to be a thing. And get ready to write a novel! That’s right, November is National Novel Writing Month, or also known as NaNoWriMo! NaNoWriMo is a site that encourages you to sign up, and write a 50,000 word novel rough draft in 30 days. That means you need to write an average of 1,600 words a day to finish! NaNoWriMo is a great way to get into novel writing, and accomplish a goal that you set yourself!

So October has become known by some as Outline October! You can go into NaNoWriMo with just an idea, sure. But having an outline or a template would sure help you stick to that 1,600 word minimum a day. This page lists some preparation tips, tools and other resources that myself and other NaNoWriMo’ers have stumbled upon in our research, and will help you in all aspects of novel-writing, from character creation to world building and beyond!

If you know of another resource that you think belongs on this list, comment below and I’d be happy to add it!

Hope this list helps all you newbie (or seasoned!) novel writers out there!

NaNo Prep

First of all, check out the Nanowrimo official site, and their prep resources. Some very good informations there!

Future Learn: Start Writing Fiction

Sign up for the free online course that starts in just a few days! Learn how to create believable characters and how to turn events into plots!

Chaotic Shiny

This site may not be the easiest on the eyes, but it sure is useful! This site randomly generates things you couldn’t imagine, from fantasy characters, to armor sets and even constellations!


Seventh Sanctum:

Need help with coming up with your plot? What about a name for your fairy-elf? This site has got you covered!



Create bios for your characters, and share them with others! Or you can keep them private. Create and store up to 100 characters for free.



A free desktop application that can be used to quickly and effectively generate high-quality diagrams.



Gamify your life with this free to use website that turns your real life goals into quests! Use it to jumpstart your writing habits!


Advanced Fiction Writing

An incredibly useful website with information on how to design your novel, how to write the perfect scene, how to get published and so much more!


Writers Write

A useful sheet on how to create your characters!


Young Adult Writes Story Analyzer

Ever wonder if you are using the word ‘and’ too much? Or if your punctuation use is excessive? This nifty tool analyzes your story to give you some nifty stats on your writing. Use it to improve your story and word use!


The Color Thesaurus

When you need a word for that specific color, but you don’t know what that color is!


The Title Scorer

Want to know your chances of being a bestselling novel based on your title? Well now you can with this nifty generator!



This online novel and story writing software is free and promises that you retain 100% copywrite protection. Promotes writing and is easy to use!


Mind Mup

Another free mind mapping tool to help you map out your plot!


Family Echo

Map out a family tree or lineage with this free to use tool. Create an account to save your family, add photos, and share your family tree!


The Great Swampy Middle

A great article on how to trudge through the middle of your novel!


One Page Plotting

A template for plotting out our novel in a simple, one page format. Great for the beginning stages of novel planning,


Magical World Builder

Need help creating your fantastical universe? This guide is sure to help! Also check out the free downloadable tutorial “30 Days of World Building” found in this post as well.


Random Book Title Generator

Does exactly what the title states! Gives you 6 completely random book titles at a time.


Wacky Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

27 wacky and fun ways to help you get over that nasty case of writer’s block we all run into eventually.

I hope that these resources for NaNoWriMo have helped you get those creative juices flowing and get a better idea of what you’ll be writing in your novels next month!

What resources do you use when helping to write your novels?


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