Why You Should NEVER Buy a Bookmark

I’ve been an avid reader since the second grade. I remember that so specifically because my second grade teacher had a wonderful library and when you finished your school work early you could choose a book to borrow from that library until the end of school. I read through that entire library over the course of the second grade and I haven’t stopped reading since!

And over the entire duration of my reading career- not once have I purchased a bookmark.

I never had to!

I always just used whatever was lying around to mark my place. If I bought the book from a used bookstore I might grab a business card or use the receipt as a bookmark. I’ve used love notes from my husband, and postcards from friends. After the Christmas season is over I may pluck a Christmas card off the mantle and use that for a month or two.

And I almost always end up leaving that ‘bookmark’ in my books to find at another time. To open up an old book and find a letter written to you from your husband when you first met is a delightful surprise! Even finding something such as an old grocery list on that old stationery you used to love can bring back a fond memory. Do it for your future smiles!

It makes each book in my own library into a time capsule of sorts, and it can give something you would otherwise toss new life!

Have you ever bought a book from a used bookstore, and found a ‘repurposed’ book mark? Am I the only one who thinks that is super cool? It gives you just a bit more of a glimpse into that persons life. You already know they have awesome taste in books, being the prior owners of the books you are purchasing, but you may gleam from the flyer or note or receipt they left in there just a little but more about them. I love it! One time, I bought a used copy of 1984 and inside of it was a receipt from the store they bought it from in 1984! It made my day. And I’ve kept that receipt in that book as a reminder of how cool it is to not buy bookmarks.

So do your future self a favor, and stop buying bookmarks!


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