April Journaling Prompts

Need a little help wth your journal prompts this month? No problem o! Here are 30 prompts for 30 days this April! Do them daily, or pick and choose your favorites! I aimed for a balance between fun and thought provoking. I hope you enjoy them!april_journailing_prompts

  1. Today is April Fool’s Day. Write about the best prank you have ever pulled. Not a jokester? What about a time you fell for a prank?

  2. Write about your goals and hopes for the month of April. What do you want to get done? Do you have big plans, or are you just chugging along?

  3. Journal about the first springtime memory that you can remember.

  4. What are your thoughts regarding spring cleaning. Do you find in therapeutic and cleansing? Is it just a PITA? Or do you maybe just pretend it’s not a thing?

  5. Did you miss the sun? Write about the things you are looking forward to doing now that it’s peaking out from time to time (at least it is here in Oregon).

  6. Think about your life this time last year. What is better now? What things do you wish you had done differently. Get it all out of your system, yo.

  7. Are you more of a cat or a dog person? Why is that?

  8. What have you been dreaming about recently? Do you notice a theme?

  9. Write about your newest hobby! How did you discover it and why do you love it?

  10. What are you facing in your life right now? Confront it, tell it how it is.

  11. Describe your perfect picnic! Where are you? What are you eating? Who is with you? Be as descriptive as possible!

  12. Today I challenge you to journal outside! Go outside and write about whatever your little heart fancies. Are you mad at me for making you go outside? Write it all out baby!

  13. Jot down your thoughts on the role the internet plays in your life. Do you feel liberated having all that information at your fingertips at all times? Do you worry about your privacy? Do you have a serious case of FOMO?

  14. Put on your favorite song. Now journal about why it is your favorite song. How does it make you feel?

  15. Today is tax day. Write about how much taxes suck.

  16. The month is half way over- how are those goals coming along? Are you killing it? Or is it slow going?

  17. How do you feel about leggings as pants? I know you have an opinion. We all have an opinion.

  18. What is the first novel you finished cover to cover? How did finishing it make you feel?

  19. Finish this sentence. ‘Nobody knows that I…’ Get into the nitty gritty of your deepest and darkest. Or don’t- it’s your journal after all. Now hide your journal.

  20. Most people either love or hate the rain. Which category do you fall into? Why?

  21. What is the last non-essential item that you purchased? Why did you get it? Has it made your life a thousand time better? Or is it currently sitting in a random corner somewhere? Take the opportunity to really explore your relationship with consumerism.

  22. Happy Earth Day! Write about your concerns for the state of Mother Earth today. Climate change got you down? Are you upset at your neighbor for not sorting their recycling? Get in tune with nature today.

  23. Instead of journaling today- why don’t you write a letter? Write to your mom, your best friend, an old coworker. Let them know they touched your life, left a permanent mark. Drop it in the mailbox and feel better about yourself. Letters are cathartic. Extra points if you have your own stationery.

  24. How do you feel about your current job? Journal about why you love it, hate it, or about how maybe it’s just a stepping stone for you.

  25. Write a haiku about how today’s weather is making you feel. Then describe that poem’s meaning in a little more detail.

  26. Journal about your current read? Not reading anything currently? Write about what you read last, or what you plan to read next.

  27. “It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” – Mark Twain. Write about what you think Twain meant by this quote. What does your heart ache for this spring.

  28. What movies are coming out soon that you are looking forward to seeing? What’s the first movie you saw in the theater?

  29. Remember that one time that one random stranger treated you unjustly? Write about that instance from the stranger’s perspective. Why do you think they treated you like that? Try to step into their shoes and justify their actions objectively.

  30. And finally- one by my husband: You’re trapped in room with no windows. The door is locked and something is scratching at the door. The room is slowly getting hotter and hotter, you almost can’t stand it. The longer you wait, the more impatient the creature outside becomes. What do you do?

I hope these prompts get your creative journaling juices flowing! Feel free to share your prompts or your replies to any of these prompts in the comments below!

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