March Favorites

I adore seeing what all of my friends and families are up to. I love to get all up in their biz and know what they are watching, reading, and listening to. What they are wearing, and what tea they are drinking. Just in case you are similarly inclined, here is what I was up to this month.faves_march

What I am Watching

With Downton having ended (super sad face) I had to get my British television fix from somewhere. So I searched Amazon for ‘Masterpiece Specials’ and stumbled upon a show called ‘Mr. Selfridge.’ I love it! It’s just the right amount of drama to be a interesting yet still a lighthearted, fun show! I encourage thee to watch an episode or two. I’ve come to love the opening credit music ALMOST as much as Downton’s. Almost.

What I am Reading

This month I read Lauren Groff’s newest ‘Fates and Furies.’ What a ride! This book was nothing like I expected it to be, though I have recently come to love going into a new novel blindly. The imagery- just lovely, the characters delightfully flawed yet relatable, and the split perspective was so perfectly done I wanted to cry. If you are looking for a new read, I highly recommend the experience ‘Fates and Furies.’ Keep an eye out for my book chat discussion questions, as this is the perfect book chat book!fates_and_furies


What I am Drinking

Plain ‘ol spearmint tea. It’s great for the soul, even better for my hormonal acne, it’s caffeine free which makes it the perfect late afternoon treat and it’s cheap. So many wins! I love this tea by Tazo. The little kick of Tarragon is just lovely. Or maybe loose leaf is more your thing.


What I am Eating

This doctor prescribed paleo diet gets me down in the dumps from time to time, but every once in awhile I stumble upon a new recipe that reinvigorates my love for cooking. This recipe for Kimchi fried rice is one of my new favorite meals to make on a busy weeknight. And yes- the paleo community is very divisive about whether or not kimchi is technically ‘paleo,’ but it suits my needs just fine(no gluten, no dairy).


New Favorite Products

It’s starting to finally warm up a bit here in the PNW and these fleece lined leggings are perfect for venturing out into the wild, or staying home to do yoga. Sometimes when it’s cooler, it’s hard to motivate yourself to move. These keep me comfy and warm, and ready for my morning workout! They are also perfect for curling up on the couch to read. So basically- they are perfect.

The comfiest fleece leggings there ever was!

Do you work from home? Do you have a cat? Then this table is for you. My home office is downstairs and seems to want to stay at a brisk 55 degrees, too cold for me to be very productive at all. So I’ stuck upstairs in the living room during the cooler months, and while my cat loves the extra lap time, it became rather tiresome balancing a cat and a laptop on my lap at all times. This little cart changed my life! No more choosing between feline cuddles and productivity. I CAN HAVE BOTH NOW! MWAHAHAHA! So basically my life is complete.

Love comfy wool sweaters as much as I do? Do you also hate gathering them all up and taking them to the dry cleaner? Then I have the perfect solution for you! Eucalan’s no rinse detergent is amaze-balls! Fill your sink with tepid water, add a capful of this magical solution and let soak until your hearts content, or for at least 15 minutes, whichever suits your fancy. Plop a little on you fingers and work into stains to spot treat, and always give the pits a little extra bit of TLC as well. When it’s done soaking just gently press (don’t wring!) extra water out of garment, and lay flat to dry! Easy peasy! And the scent is lovely as well!

New Favorite Journal

I am in love with this eco friendly notebook by Etsy shop sashakretova. It’s got all of the good things: it’s made with salvaged linen fabrics that come in the most gorgeous colors, and heavy recycled paper. It’s hand bound which means it lies flight which always makes life so much easier, doesn’t it? And it’s quite short which makes it perfect for smaller projects or traveling journals. Many colors to choose from, and my most favorite aspect is you can choose whether or not you want it lined.



New Favorite Workout

I do love me a good yoga sesh! I try to do yoga twice a week, to keep myself flexible and, well, sane. Even if you don’t think you need it, yoga always helps. My new favorite session is called breaking barriers, and it has a lovely message as well as some killer hip openers. And best of all, it’s free! Give it a shot my fellow yogis! ANy class by Tracey Noseworth is as she would say, ‘juicy.’


New Favorite Internets Stuff

One Short, One long is a great new way to stay informed. They email you one short and one long article a day, the subject matter differs from day to day. Great for becoming a touch more well read, plus it’s exciting to see what new articles they send you! Just sign up and then read the articles on the subway or your lunch break to stay well informed and well read!One short, One long

And there we are, this month’s new favorites for your perusing pleasure. What are your new favorite things?Please share in the comments below!

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