May 2017 Journal Prompts

Happy May!

You may have noticed I took a little blogging break. Health issues and life happenings kept me from journaling and blogging as much as I would have liked. I’ll share why in another post, but for today -it’s a new month and that means new journal prompts!

Here are some thoughts for your journaling this month!

1. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. What can you do this month to enhance your mental awareness? A quick walk around the block or a few sun salutations can do wonders for your stress and mental wellbeing. (You’re already journaling which is a wonderful gift to give your mental health!)

2. What are your goals and hopes for the month of May? What’s your passion project for the month?

3. What is something you do for yourself without fail every day? Explain this routine in detail and why is it something you do every day?

4. Is something heavy on your soul today? Write it out- you’ll feel better and a bit lighter afterwards!

5. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Do you do anything to celebrate? What and why (or why not?) Personally, I’ll be celebrating at home with a margarita on the rocks and tacos!

6. What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Why do you think you’re drawn to this subject? Maybe take ten today to give it a google and journal about what you learn?


“Judge a man by his questions rather that his answers.”
– Voltaire.

What does the quote conjure for you? Journal your thoughts.

8. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite place in this whole wide world. Paint the picture with your words. Why is this place so special for you?

9. Identify the ten values you identify the most with from the list below. Why are these values important to you?

10. From the list of values you created yesterday, narrow the selection down to the three most important. We will consider these your core values. How can you include these three values in your day to day life more often?

11. Why is journaling important to you?

12. Is there something you force yourself to do every day even if they don’t serve you, or cause frustration? Why do you do these things? What would your day look like without these?

13. What in your life are you ‘playing small?’ Why? How could you possibly ‘go bigger?’

14. Today we celebrate our mother’s. What’s your favorite memory of your mother? Take a few to relive it.

15. Mid-month check in. How are those goals coming along? Are you keeping tabs on your mental wellness? What have you done for yourself so far in May?


“Perfect and bulletproof are seductive,
but they don’t exist in the human experience.”

-Brene Brown

What does this quote mean to you?

17. What does your SOUL need today? What are you craving? Can you gift that to yourself today?

18. Write a letter to someone you love today. Your choice to send it or not. Why do you love this person, tell them what they mean to you? Spread the love!

19. What are you enjoying about today? What are you grateful for RIGHT NOW?

20. Think “joy.” What comes to mind?

21. Who is your favorite fictional character? Why? Do you relate to this person, or wish to be more like them?

22. It’s International Biodiversity Day today! Biodiversity is the foundation for life and for the essential services provided by ecosystems. How can you serve the natural world today?

23. Do some art in your journal today, whether it be a quick sketch, comic, cartoon, or even a color drawing. Is art something you enjoy?

24. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? What would you do? Eat? See?

25. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? When’s the last time you said hi?

26. What’s your relationship with the word ‘no?’ Is it easy to say for you, or difficult? Does it make you feel guilty to say, or empowered?

27. If you had to pick an emotion that embodies you today, what emotion would that be? Where is it resonating from? Is it fulfilling you or holding you back in anyway?

28. Turkey. Bacon. Cheddar. It’s National Burger Day (who knew?). Write an ode to your favorite burger, and possibly celebrate with burgers for dinner

29. What do you do to wind down at the end of your day? Why is this routine important for you?

30. What have you been reading or watching lately? What are you enjoying about it?

31. Summer is right around the corner. What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming season?

I hope these journal prompts help spark ideas of your own, and as always don’t feel pressured to write about a prompt that doesn’t spark your fancy.

Happy journaling folks!

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