June 2017 Journal Prompts

Grab your journal, it’s that time again! Time for your awesome journaling prompts for the month!

Journaling is proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of satisfaction, gratitude and an enlightened sense of wellbeing. This makes it a powerful tool we can ALL use to hone in on

  • who we are
  • what we want
  • what we value
  • and so much more

Your journal practice is what you make it, and my advice to you is to make it a daily habit to sit down for a couple of minutes every day to check in with yourself. You can write about anything, but if you find yourself struggling to come up with your own ideas of what to write about- these prompts are for you!



  1. Happy June! As normal we will start with your goals and hopes for the month of June. What are you looking forward to?

  2. Today is National Doughnut Day! Who knew? What’s your fondest doughnut memory? (We all have one!)

  3. Done is better than perfect.

    -Sheryl Sandberg

    What does this quote conjure for you?

  4. What is something completely random that you fascinated on as a child?

  5. Today is World Environment Day. According to their site World Environment Day is a chance to reconnect with nature and celebrate the places that matter most to you. How will you connect with nature today?

  6. What have you read recently that has had on impact on your life, your thoughts or your goals? Why?

  7. If you could talk to ten year old you, what would you say to them?

  8. Today is World Ocean’s day (lot of Earth celebrations this month!). According to their site World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. What can you do today to celebrate our oceans?

  9. Write a letter to your favorite fictional character, or write about what makes them your favorite.

  10. What recent event has been on your mind, possibly affecting your headspace, life, or life goals? Why?

  11. If you had to make a soundtrack representing you, what three songs would be on it?

  12. What does your self care routine look like?

  13. Complete this statement: I feel most like myself when________.

  14. Put your heart mind and soul into even the smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

    -Swami Svananda

    What does this quote conjure for you?

  15. Mid month checkup! How are those goals and hopes coming along?

  16. Do you have a daily affirmation or mantra? What is it? What does it mean to you?

  17. What rule is meant to be broken?

  18. Today is Father’s Day. What does your family do to celebrate?

  19. What small inconvenience (in the scheme of things) just really grinds your gears? Upon examination, why do you think that is?

  20. Do you know your Love Language? What is it, and how do you express love and wish to receive it? If you have a partner I encourage you to find there’s out as well!

  21. Today is the summer solstice. How are you going to celebrate summer today?

  22. Yesterday was the first day of summer, but it was also International Yoga Day.In yoga there is a virtue known as Ahimsa: the principle of nonviolence toward all living things.What does this principle mean to you? How can you practice ahimsa in your life- towards yourself as well as others, to animals and to our planet?

  23. Do a creative activity today. It can be anything- taking a photograph, sketching, write a poem. Get those creative juices flowing. Then write a sentence or two about what comes up for you.

  24. What’s a recent thing that made you smile like a fool?

  25. What are your favorite things about summer?

  26. The most important thing is to enjoy your life. It’s all that matters.

    -Audrey Hepburn

    How do you resonate with this quote?

  27. What is one thing that someone has said to you that touched your deeply, and you think about often? Have you let that person know how much it meant to you? Why?

  28. Let’s get real… Pen vs. Pencil?

  29. Why do you keep a journal? What does the process mean to you?

  30. How was your June? Did you reach your goals? Did they transform as time went on (as they often do?)

As always, keep what world for you, leave out what doesn’t serve you.

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