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Autumn Inspired Pumpkin Risotto Recipe

As you may have read in some of my recent posts, gluten has decided to team up on me, and wreak havoc on my body- inside and out, anytime I attempt to eat it. Goodbye pastas, pastries and bread. I love you, but you have hurt me, and it is time to say goodbye. Finding other items to eat has been a bit of a challenge. Do you know how much of our foods contain gluten! A lot of everyday food items! I had become accustomed to eating everything with toast, or on a bed of pasta to help fill me up. So when I discovered risotto, it was a good day for me!

If you had asked me a month ago what risotto was I would have been able to tell you two things.

1.) It was a dinner item that came in a bowl.

2.) Gordon Ramsey talks about it a lot.

Risotto is just one of those foods that I happened to never have up until recently. And it wasn’t until I saw a recipe for a pumpkin risotto that I became interested in it. When I learned it was a rice, and therefore gluten free- that was it! I had to try it.

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